Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Back from a lovely holiday in France.......
We visited several chateaux, nice antique and brocante markets, had great food and wine and I even managed to read 9 books, make 7 crazy hearts and 1 crazy quiltblock!
Here you see pictures from 6 hearts I made to swap. The seventh stays at home, my DH told me that he liked it so much that I may not send it away..........LOL

These 2 are made from Debbie Mumm fabric with a garden theme.

2 Christmas hearts to swap:


crazyQstitcher said...

Wilma every heart you have made is beautiful, and your Staphorst blocks are fantastic.
I learned something from your blog and that is that Hortensia means hydrangea. I have often seen the name Hortensia in books, but never known what it was. Thanks for putting that info in. Maureen

Charlene said...

Welcome back, Wilma. Sounds like I would have had a great time on your trip!! Your hearts are lovely, and I can hardly wait to begin swapping. Are you going to show us a pic of your DH valentine?