Monday, July 09, 2007

SCOTLAND - unforgettable in more than one way!!!!

From June 23th until June 30th I visited Scotland for a walking vacation with friends from England, Italy, Denmark, Canada and Holland. Scotlands' nature is unbelievable beautiful. We have been walking a lot up in the mountains, across little rivers and waterfalls and along lochs, didn't see Nessie by the way.......
We all stayed together in a lodge with view on the Ben Nevis
and had a great time together, everyone prepared a dinner from their own country and we even had a mystery dinner one evening. We also went to Mallaig with Harry Potters' steamtrain and went to Inverness wher
e we visited a kiltmaker
(I'll tell you more about it next time)and had dinner and a Scottish musicevening.
I will sure go back to Scotland in the future!

Unluckely the end of our vacation was a nightmare...........
My friend Imi and I had just checked in at the airport in Glasgow when two terrorists crashed a Jeep loaded with petrol and gas canisters into the terminal, it was supposed to have exploded into a fireball, taking the terrorists' lives and as many others as possible. We were so lucky that this didn't happen because the door frame was too sturdy and the car got stuck and some brave (police)men knocked the burning terrorist down who wanted to open the boot of the car and extinguished the fire before it exploded.
Because all flights were cancelled we had to stay on the floor of the terminal near the gates all evening, were brought to an exhibitioncenter in the night, dropped on the airport on Sundaymorning, waiting in a row of 6 miles until we could pick up our suitcases. There we were told that we had to search a hotel and book a flight back home by ourselves! At 14.00 we found a telephone in a Holiday Inn hotel (our mobile phones were out of order), phoned the KLM and they told us that we could go home no sooner then Thursday. After that we phoned home and luckely our DH's managed to get us on an Air France flight from Edinburg to Amsterdam on mondayevening and we arrived home mondaynight.
You can imagine that everything that happened takes the stuffing out of you. I still don't manage to get into my normal rhythm and need all my concentration for my new job in which I started last monday. I sure hope that I will soon be able to get back to Crazy Quilting and find some inspiration soon again!


Charlene said...

It does sound like your vacation was wonderful until it was nearly over. I am so happy that you are safe at home, and beginning to pull your stuffing back in :-). Hope all is well with the new job, and that you'll be doing your lovely CQ again soon - you know it will help calm and soothe what ails you.

Gerry said...

I'm glad to hear you had such a nice vacation. But terribly sorry to hear of the trouble coming home. I can imagine that it will take some time to put that event behind you.

Good luck with the new job. I look forward to seeing some of your CQ soon.

Susan said...

I can definitely see why you were so upset! It was bad enough to go through the terrorist ordeal, but then to be abandoned to your own devices! How awful. I'm so glad your husbands were able to get you home. I know it much have felt much safer to be back with them.

Susan said...

I meant to tell you that your photos are so beautifully clear and wonderful. I look forward to seeing more of them. The train sounds wonderful. My son would love visiting the kiltmaker! He's thinking about making one. He already has one, but wants a different tartan, and they are quite expensive over here.