Wednesday, November 28, 2007


This week I received this little quilt from Ellen in Germany. We are both member of an Internet quiltgroup called the Sewpals and last year we had to send out a piece of autumn fabric to all 13 members on our birthday. We decided to make this year a small quilt with pieces of all this fabrics as birthdaypresent for one of the other Sewpals. I received this lovely pinwheelquilt and made the redwork for Lorenza in Italy.

This year we have swapped fabric with a tea/cake/coffeetheme and we are now thinking about what to do the next year with these fabrics, maybe we will do some kind of round robin. Will tell you more when we have decided what to do!

Maybe you noticed that I have not been blogging for some time, I am sorry for that, but I had to take it easy because of heartrhytm problems. Today I had an appointment with the
cardiologist but luckely there are no big problems found, so back to Crazy Quilting!

I have told you before about the Season to Season blockshare on CQForNewbies and showed you the Winter block I had made. This week I received the lovely STS Winterblock from Courtney that I have to embellish,I will start tonight working on it!
Of course I'll show you a picture when it is finished!


Susan said...

Your little quilt is just darling, as is the one you made for Lorenza. I like the border you put around it. I have one similar shape that I may try something like that - trying to get this to come out even with squares is ridiculous! Thanks for the idea! The redwork design is great!

I'm glad the doctor has released you to have a little fun again! Missed your posting.

Cute winter block - like her XS snowman. I know you will do beautiful things on this block!

Lorenza said...

Nice to har that you have not serious problem, I'm sure it's just stress, that happens to me too when I'm oo tired.
Can't wai to get the miniquilt!

Ati. Norway. said...

I am happy to see you again on blogger :) I love your little quilts and the amish dolls too!
Very nice winter block, it must be fun to work further on it.

Maddie Can Fly said...

The stitchery is so pretty. Take care of yourself Wilma!