Sunday, December 30, 2007


and once again I was sick in bed!I was so happy to have 5 days free from work and of course at Saturday before Christmas I started having the flu, went to bed and was a bit better on Wednesday so I could join hubby, son, mother and mother-in-law for Christmas dinner on the 26th!
That way I didn't manage to do much CQ but I have finished the SOH Winterblock for Courtney, it was sent out yesterday to Gerry, you can see pictures from the unfinished block on Nov. 28th.
Also I want to show you some pictures of winter in the Netherlands.
Last week we had some very cold days with a little bit of snow. The pictures are made close to our home. We like to walk with the dog around this lake which takes about an hour.
Sorry for the small size of letters, but blogger is acting strange and doesn't change it to bigger!


Ati. Norway. said...

It has become a lovely block Wilma!
Great photos from the trees too !

Susan said...

I like what you added to Courtney's block - definitely adds to the wintry feeling!

I'm so sorry you were sick almost your whole time off. =( The picture of the lake are beautiful. What great exercise to walk the dog there every day. Maybe if I had a dog to force me to it, I'd get more exercise!

crazyQstitcher said...

Love the winter look and the block is looking very well.

I hope you are recovered from the flu so you can start enjoying 2008.

Happy New Year Wilma, cheers Maureen