Saturday, February 02, 2008


Today I received this lovely baggie from Rengin in Istanbul,Turkey.
It is in my favorite color turquoise. We are both in an Internetgroup called Crazy Quilters
Around the World and she is my swappartner for this year, we swap CQ baggies each 3 months. Have you seen the beautiful flat oya flowers she made?

The other picture is of a quilt in very slow progress. It is gonna be a landscape in Brittany, France and made after a picture from the book "The world above and beyond". Looking forward finshing this one in the future.


Ati. Norway. said...

The content of the baggie is fabulous Wilma, I am sure you can make something beautiful out of that in the future!
I love the landscape. That can be a beautiful piece too!! I just have done a bit on Helinä's and it is very nice to embellish and to make a landscape lively.

Susan said...

That turquoise baggie is just fabulous. I've seen pics of her oya flowers. How lucky you are to get some!

I love the piece you are making at the bottom. It really does look very much like a landscape. What a lot of work!

Lynn said...

Wilma, such a beautiful baggie to recieve. The landscape is just wonderful. Can't wait to see it compelted.