Friday, March 14, 2008


Sorry for reading nothing from me for such a long time, but we are very busy with our new home.

There is a lot more work to do then we expected.

The new kitchen is almost ready now and the bedrooms upstairs are painted,they have a new wooden floor and tomorrow I am going to start to wallpaper in our bedroom. The painter is now starting downstairs and hopefully within 2 weeks the builders of the fireplace will come. We have ordered a French sandstone fireplace and that takes some weeks delivery time. I hope we can move the first weekend of April.
It would be nice, because the traffic jams are getting longer and longer over here!
I am really looking forward to work in my new garden soon. It is now totally empty with a lot of gravelstone, so a lot of work to do.
There's only one old tree in the garden, hope it is an apple tree.
Last weekend there came a red squirrel visiting us, and 2 pheasants.
I enjoy this so much, where we live now in the middle of town I can see only apartment buildings and cars........
I will show you some before and after pictures in April.
Will try to keep you updated, but we have to change from provider, so I will be without blog and mail for a while also!


Ati. Norway. said...

Nice to hear from you and I am looking forward to the photos :)

Gerry said...

Wilma, it sounds like things are moving along well for you. I wish you the best in getting settled quickly. The fireplace sounds beautiful. I too look forward to the photos!

Susan said...

A house is always more work than we think it will be, isn't it? It will be worth all you are doing, though. I love fireplaces! Looking forward to seeing the pics.