Saturday, June 14, 2008


Yesterday morning I was making some tea before going to work when I heard a whining noise coming from somewhere. And again I heard the noise, suddenly I realised it came from out of the cooker hood..... DH and I had a lot of work to pull down the cooker hood, never knew there were so many screws in it! We brought the cooker hood outside and saw a little bird disappaering behind the motor. We had to dismantle the whole thing to get the little fellow out, we think it was a little crow or rook. He (or she, who knows?) has been sitting on the terracetable for a while and then flew away. It took us quite a while to put the cooker hood in place again......and I was too late at work of course!

On Gerry's blog I found this test, look at the result, think I did a good job by moving.......LOL

You Should Live in the Country

You are laid back, calm, and good at entertaining yourself.

You don't need an expensive big city to keep you busy.

You'll take the peaceful life over the stressful life any day of the week.

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