Sunday, September 21, 2008


From Las Vegas we visited the Hoover Dam (picture 1), Kingman (picture 2, quilt in Mohave museum)and then we went
on Route 66 to Williams/Flagstaff. From there we stayed in Page, flew by helicopter through the Grand Canyon and also drove by car through the Grand Canyon National Park (picture 3,4,5). Then we had breakfast at Lake Powell (picture 6), drove to Kayenta and Monument Valley, here we have spent a lot of time, the landscape is just as beautiful as in the Star Wars movies. We have spent several days in Navajo Nation, talked a lot with Navajo's and enjoyed every minute of it, sure will come back here once.
During our trip we al
so saw a lot of wildlife like eagles, a condor, wild mustang, a coyote, bisons, deer and a lot of those cute chipmunks, luckely no rattle snakes!!!

Monument Valley The Mittens

and DH and I in fr
ont of the three sisters

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Threadhead said...

All your pictures are beautiful.
~ Erin (Linda Chase's 9 yr old daughter)