Saturday, February 07, 2009

Now it is time to get back to Crazy Quilting. The inflammation is my shoulders is getting a bit better luckely. Before febr. 15th I have to finish 2 things. A fabric page for Margreet in the Netherlands and embellish a DYB block for Ati in Norway. The first one is finished, but I may not show you a picture before Margreet has received it.

The block for Ati has as theme "Country Garden" and this is what I 've done so far. I hope to finish it tomorrow. Next weekend I've no time for sewing, I have to start washing, ironing and start packing for our trip to Florida from 19-28 febr. We leave on Thursday and I have to work on monday until wednesday before we leave. It is now 3 o C over here, misty and rainy weather and the forecast is snow again,we sure hope to catch some sunny weather over there. I am really looking forward to this trip because our son Wesley(23) will join us, it's his first trip to the USA and by plane. Also we haven't been on vacation together for at least 6 years!


Gerry said...

This is so pretty. You have a knack for flowers!

The work you've done on your Staphorst Quilts is lovely. Great color combo's.

Good to see you posting again.

Susan said...

How cute your garden is! I look forward to seeing more. I know Ati will love it.

You are having cold weather! Here I was complaining because our high tomorrow will only be 15 C after having several days in the 28 range. I'll just be really quiet now. =)

FL has been chilly, too, but the temps are heading up this week, so this could be good timing for you. It sounds like an exciting vacation!

Ati. Norway. said...

What I see here so far is lovely! I wish you a very nice holiday!

subrine said...

didn't know you were having problems with your shoulder too - you have a fellow sufferers sympathies. Have a great vacation in Florida, I'm sure you will, i'm sure you'll get some much needed warmth. How exciting to have Wesley join you - have a great trip. Jenny x

Liz Schaffner said...

Wilma, have a great trip in the USA!! You better bring an extra suitcase for all the goodies you will buy ! LOL Wish I was going with you :-)
P.S. Ati's Block looks beautiful !