Saturday, March 21, 2009

My "Under the sea" DYB blocks are back home again and they are GORGEOUS!!!!

The first one is embellished by Helina from Finland, I love the corals she did and the seaweeds with real shells!

The next one is done by Margreet from the Netherlands, look how she turned the sweet little fishes into little piranha's.....LOL and the beautiful starfishes.

last one is done by Ati in Norway, I love the jellyfish in the middle and the sea anemone and the coral which she made of an old collar!

Tomorrow I'll show you the blocks done by Hideko and Maureen.

Now I have to embellish the last block by myself and then sew the blocks together and add a border. I did already buy a beautiful cobaltblue piece of silk, I hope it colores with the blocks.


katrien said...

Prachtige blokken.

NormaH said...

Wilma, they are absolutely gorgeous!!!!!!!

Marianne said...

Beautiful under the sea blocks. Love your Raven painting!

Amanda said...

These are all lovely - gorgeous colours and some of the nicest stitching I have seen so far but I am very new to CQ.

Malla said...

All blocks are fantastic - you are a lucky girl to have them!