Saturday, October 24, 2009

Back on line.......

My computer died after coming back from vacation in september. The screen went from white with black stripes to black. It went out for repair, came back, worked for 10 minutes and went black again......Once again out for repair and when that didn´t work I had to buy a new laptop. The old one was not even 2 years old and the bad news is that I lost all my mailaddresses also!
Well, I have some good news to share also, I just managed to buy some tickets for the concert of Paul McCartney in the Gelredome in Arnhem on Dec. 9th. I had tickets for his concert in 2003 and couldn't go because I had to stay in bed with a herniated disc!
Autumn has started over here in the Netherlands, the temperatures are still nice, around 15 o C, and luckely not much rain as usual in this time of year. We have found a lot of sweet chestnuts and seen lots of odd mushrooms in the woods next to our home.
I received some wonderful fabric pages the last months, today I show you the ones from August and September. The first page is made by Helina in Finland. She broke her right wrist and managed to make it with her left hand, my compliments! She wrote that the picture reminded her of Hansi. I first thought of German artist James Last (his nickname is Hansi also!)but then remembered cartoons I had seen on postcards in France and the picture sure looks like work of Jean-Jacques Waltz, the artist/cartoonist from Colmar!
The September page is made by Helga from Germany, she made a felted page and stitched a beautiful French lavender landscape on it, I will show you a close-up of her wonderful work. Thanks so much ladies of the Fibre_fever group! Tomorrow I'll show you the pictures of the pages I made and what kept me so busy the last weeks.... Now back to bed, I am still
having trouble with the flu!

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