Friday, September 14, 2012

Sorry for not posting these last weeks, but I have been so busy! Some years ago pollution was found in our garden and at last a builder has been busy digging up our garden this summer months. We have been living in this "Sahara" from May until early September ........
The builder even found a bomb from WWII close to our kitchen door........!(We live close to the place where the English and Polish Airbornes in WWII crossed the Rhine to free the South of the Netherlands).

The last weeks we have been working hard to get a new garden, this is the first part that is finished and I am very happy with it!

When we were in France in June I bought the two oleanders behind the statue, the flowers are a beautiful soft yellow and a pink double rose. I sure hope they will survive the coming winter........
          And this is our new lounge set, very comfortable!
And Daisy also likes our new terrace, last week was her birthday, the old lady is 11 years now!

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Tina said...

Your garden is going to look lovely, and the outdoor furniture does look cozy. I hope your Oleanders survive the winter, so I can see them blooming come spring.