Thursday, February 05, 2015

Busy stitching

This week I have stitched some 10" blocks to embellish for the CQJP 2015. I have finished the first block as you can see in my last post.

I decided for this project to use medium colors but I do have to get used to these colors................. The antique Dutch silkies I will use on them are all colored like this.

I think I just like more bold colors, but this once again is a challenge to work on!
 I have decided to use different sizes of blocks for this Crazy Quilt, I have decided to make the biggest ones first, 5 blocks of 10 x 10 inch, 25 x 25cm.

Maybe you remember that last August we welcomed our new blond labrador pup, Ruby.
This picture I took last weekend.
She has grown so fast, she is 7 1/2 months old now. 
She doesn't look like a puppy anymore as you can see!
She is very sweet and brave most of the time, only this night she ate a piece out of our Persian carpet, you can imagine that I was not that happy this morning.....


Wilma said...

Hallo Wilma,

In de side bar van Stitch and Quilt zag ik je button. Een naamgenoot, Nederlands en ook nog prachtig Crazy Quilting werk. Leuk om kennis met je te maken !!
Ik ga je volgen. Misschien vind je het iets om mijn blog te bezoeken :).
Welkom !!

Liefs, Wilma.

Anonymous said...

Labs grow like weeds! I love the colors of your blocks, Wilma. I'm hoping to see the stitching. I'll go look on the 2015 website for the January block. I think I DID see it, but I want to look again, because I've looked at so many.