Monday, October 09, 2006

I have been tagged!

Gerry has tagged me to tell 5 weird things about myself or my pets because""I have such whimsy in my CQ and embellishing!". Don't know if that is good or bad, my dictionary translates whimsy as a bit strange......LOL
Well,you can tell me if I am a bit strange after reading these 5 weird things about myself:

1. I collect Piglets, Winnie the Pooh's little friend, I find him so moving.
2. I love to wear hot pink, I even have matching purse and shoes.
3. I am fascinated by speed, I just love to watch motorracing (especially Valentino Rossi), A1 GP and Formula 1 and am not happy when people disturb me when looking at it.
4. I asked my DH what he found weird about me, he said that I refused to cut my hair, because he likes short hair.......LOL, yes, I am a bit stubborn!
5. My dog Daisy knows when it is 5 p.m., when the clock strikes 5 times she awakes, comes sitting next to me and wants dinner at this time. When I don't react, she starts barking!
Well, I could go on and on..........
I just had a look at all the blogs in my "Favourites" and they have all been tagged already, so I end up being "whimsy"...LOL and not tag anyone!

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Gerry said...

Wilma, I don't find any of this weird at all. I find you to be uniquely different, as any Right-Brainer should be. And when I say whimsy, I refer to a light-heartedness and playfulness. A rare and wonderful child like quality that not many adults are able to hold on to as we mature. It was DEFINATELY a compliment.