Sunday, November 19, 2006

This week I haven't done much Crazy Quilting, my DH got operated for the 5th time. He lost most of the use of his right hand after a motoraccident
3 1/2 years ago and the surgeons are still working on getting some movement back. Because I had to wait a long time in hospital during the operation I decided to stitch a Victorian looking block from silks and some old neckties, so I had something to embroider! I must admit that I found it difficult what colors to use to get this Victorian
look.I will keep you updated on the embellishing, I only wonder if
the Victorian did also use cross-stitch on their blocks, I would love to embroider a butterfly on the block! The bookmarks I finished last weekend, they are my owm design, the purple one was also for my mothers birthday, who was very happy with her presents. The beautiful heart I received this week was made by Maureen in Australia, it has my favorite colors and style, ain't it pretty?

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Susan said...

The bookmarks are too cute! Maureen does lovely work, but so do you.

I like your block. Put the butterfly in!

How is your husband feeling now? Will this be the last time he has to do this?