Sunday, February 18, 2007


After reading the first lesson and making a fotocopy of the block, I found out that I have a lot of difficult lines and angles in my block. (Due to my limited time I started with this block before reading the lessons...). I decided to stay working on this block and see how I can improve it.

The line in 1. is very long and I decided to sew a silk siggie on it to brake this line, later I can maybe do some SRE around it.

I think that I have to cover the angle in 2.with a buttontrail.

There is a lot of contrast between the 2 purple/lilac pieces in 3.
I am gonna sew a piece of lace between the 2 pieces.
The right corner of the block 4. is way to dark I think, hope I can cover it with the piece of lace I have chosen. I sure hope I made the right decisions, here you see the result on what I have done so far....


Virgi said...


Nice work! I think you understood quite well the first lesson.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Virgi, I think you have it. I never thought to draw the lines on a photo, good idea. The photos of your area are beautiful.

Great block!


Candi Harris said...

Wilma your block looks absolutely great! You always do such nice work. I like what you've done, what a great idea! Never thought to make a photo and use that as a schematic so to speak:) Thanks!

Misa said...

I think you've done really well here. I never would have thought to sit there and actually sketch/draw out what I was going to do solve the problems. That's a wonderful idea. And the silk siggie did break up the line quite nicely.

Susan said...

I like the angles of the block. I also like what you added, and the stitching so far. That one fabric is darker, but I don't think it is *too* dark, because it's mostly on the edge.