Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Sorry for not updating for such a long time, but life got in the way.
I started in a new job some weeks ago and because of that I am working often 40 hours a week at this moment, so not much time for Crazy Quilting... It is a nice job as receptionist at a holidayparc for disabled people, you can see more on: (The website is only in Dutch I am sorry).
I have received several beautiful hearts and baggies for my birthday last month and will try to show you some pictures soon. At home we had to buy a new laptop and I first have to find out how everything works before I can do that, I already
found out that I definitely don't like to work with Windows Vista!
See you soon!


Peticelul Romanesc said...

I think you have an interesting job, and I wish you to enjoy it. Ik vind dat leuk, werken met kinderen, maar je moet ook sterk zijn. Corina

Ulla said...

A delayed Happy Birthday and good luck with the new work.Maybee later you get some time ti create and blog.
Ulla in the north of Sweden

Susan said...

It's good to have an interesting job in a nice situation, if one has to work. I know you will get something going before too long. Just takes time to adjust to a new rhythm of life.