Sunday, April 22, 2007

Last weekend I visited a collectors fair in the Jaarbeurs in Utrecht. It is held twice a year and I am always looking much forward to this fair. Here you see some of my finds. I like to collect old sewing things and I couldn't resist this old pincushion, beaded and embroidered with bouclé yarn. The backside is made of dark red velvet, I think it is made around 1930. I also collect samplers made in red, called "merklappen"in Dutch, this one is from 1902. I wonder if the other one is not finished because it ends with ABC.....
The trim with the sequins is also from around 1930. I am definitely not collecting evening pursus, but couldn't resist
this one.........LOL Think you can imagine why?

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Ati. Norway. said...

Oh Wilma wat een vondsten!! De tas is té gek met die pauwenstaart. en de merklapen, aandoenlijk vind ik dat altijd, als kind heb ik er zelf zo op zitten zweten ;)