Tuesday, May 08, 2007


Last Sunday we went for a long walk in the wood near the castle of Doorwerth when we suddenly came in this lane that lead to the town of Oosterbeek. We were all surrounded by beautiful azalea's..... I am trying to walk a few hours every
Saturday and Sunday because I am going on a walking trip to Fort William in Scotland with quilting friends from all over the world in the last week of June, of course doggie Daisy is happy with that!


Jo in NZ said...

Wilma , is that you in the pic? aren't you gorgeous! Your trip sounds like fun. Is that why you have been working so hard?

Susan said...

What beautiful flowers! So nice to have such a great place to walk.

Susan said...

How far do you have to walk on the tour? I was looking up tours of Ireland and Scotland and noticed a lot of them are walking tours - a lot of walking. I'd be losing weight. =)