Sunday, June 17, 2007


by Ati and Lorenza to tell 7 things you don't already know about me! Do I have to tell 14 things now? Think I'll stick to 7, here we go!

1. I love HUGE cars, my favorite is a Cadillac Escalade, color Gold Mist, but it is way to big for the Dutch the way, I drive a Landrover Freelander.

2. Maybe you want to know my shoesize........LOL
It is 42 with pain, so I am not only tall (1.80m), but live on big feet also.

. I like to watch motorsports, especially MotoGP, my favorite is Valentino Rossi, please don't disturb me when looking and of course also not during Grey's Anatomy!

4. I am married for 27 years tomorr

5. I believe that when one door closes another one opens for you.

6. I was born 6 weeks early.

7. I dislike wintertime.

So, do you know me better now?

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laplandyellow said...

zo, nu weet ik ook een beetje wie jij bent....leuk om te lezen. marja.

Lorenza said...

Good anniversary!

Ati. Norway. said...

Hi Wilma, thanks for your 7 answers. It seems we have a few things in common. I like big cars too, my favorite is a Lincoln, but too expensive for me ;)
My shoesize is 42 with pain and I agree with point 5 and 7!