Sunday, October 21, 2007


I am happy that I have finished 3 hearts this weekend for the swap on CQForNewbies. The black and red heart and the one
in jewel colors are for Jaki, the one with Tigger is for Leona.

I told you about our househunt 2 weeks ago. We decided not to buy the house we were looking for. The costs for upgrading the house with
a new bathroom upstairs, new kitchen, new windows etc. were so expensive that we decided to search further.....

Also I have made an 8" CQ block for the Season to Season Block Share on CQForNewbies. The season for this block share is WINTER. Each participant makes a CQ block in WINTER related colors/theme and then adds seam treatments and embellishes 1/2
of the block. Your share partner will embellish the other 1/2 of the block for you.
I found in my stash a piece of fabric with a cute snowman, so decided to make the whole block in these "country" colors.
Think the embellishme
nts can stay simple.


Ati. Norway. said...

Love your snowman block!

Maddie Can Fly said...

Wilma, I adore the little snowman block! I think this is the cutest one I've seen and can't wait to see it all finished.

Susan said...

What wonderful hearts. Your snowman block is just darling. That will be great for someone to stitch half.

Lizzie said...

Your hearts are veery pretty indeed! I really look forward to being able to get a go at CQ myself - when I catch up with my secular work.=)

Charlene said...

With so much on your plate, you've accomplished so much - pretty work, too!

Louisiana Momma said...

the STS block is just perfect and your embroidery is flawless.. kinda makes me nervous to work on it - but I will give it a go :-) I will try not to encrust it too much.. I get started with those embellishments and have a hard time stopping :-)