Wednesday, October 31, 2007


Here you see the hearts I got finished this week.
The Oriëntal heart is for Peggy, she asked for purple and gold colors. Since I didn't have fabric in this colors I picked fabrics with these colors in it, hope she likes them.

The heart in pink and purple is for Karen, she asked for a romantic theme with hearts.
Found the purple fabric with golden hearts in my stash and added some heart buttons and lace for the romantic theme.
I am not so happy with how this heart turned out, maybe it is because I don't like this colors myself.

The heart with the French landscape is for Janet, she asked for jewel colors, landscape and bugs. I like this one the most.

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gocrazywithme said...

I am thrilled with my heart, Wilma. A spider and a ladybug! And the colors are beautiful. I have asked Linda to keep all my hearts for June and send them with the hearts for December (I have both months in SOH2).
Janet in Colorado