Monday, January 21, 2008


Yesterday I have been practising bullion knots and finally managed to produce some bullion roses! I have made some roses with handdyed silk from Vikki Clayton, color Golden Nectarine.

Saturday we have signed the contracts at the real estate office, so our house sale is definitive now. We have to find a new home before April 29th.
Now the decluttering has started........
I have started to clean out one cupboard (of 5) in my sewing room and found a lot of quilts that are WISP's, maybe I better say WIVSP's......LOL, Works In Very Slow Progress!

I really would love to finish this scrapquilt. Through the years I bought a lot of swatches at Reproduction and used a lot of them to make this quilt.I love to sew scrapquilts by hand with an antique look.
I will show you some more of my WIVSP's in the next days!


Maddie Can Fly said...

You should definitely finish this -- you're almost there! And I love the colors in it.

Gerry said...

Your roses are wonderful. I've never been able to figure that stitch out :-(