Wednesday, January 30, 2008


This little quilt I also found in my cupboard,it is handsewn and the middle part with the attic windows is already hanquilted. You only have to quilt the border and put a binding around it.

The measurements are 14 x 15 inch.

If you think you can finish it before next Easter, please leave your name and emailaddress at the comments.

On Sunday the 3th.of February I let my DH choose a name for the winner!


Ati. Norway. said...

Hi Wilma, put me on the list please. I shall make it ready before Easter and give it to my youngest daughter and her children. She can have it on the wall in the springtime.

Gerry said...

Hi Wilma, the quilt is darling. I don't have any children around here so I would also like to see Ati have it!

If I win, can I give it to her?

BTW, Winter block is coming home.

Quilty said...

Hi Wilma,
please put mut on the list too. I think I will get it ready for easter.

Maddie Can Fly said...

Hi Wilma! I also vote for Ati to have the quilt. I have no children and my nieces and nephews are too old.

Susan said...

Oh, sure, I'd love to be on the list and finish it for my granddaughter. It's as cute as can be, and I have the perfect red. But I don't mind if Ati has it, and she's closer to you.

Quilty said...

I love to get a quilt from you but I too mind when Ati get it for her grandchilds;-)

quiltbuzz said...

Hello Wilma.
I think this quilt will be ready for Easter.
If you do get my name, please send it to Ati. Her grandkids will enjoy it.

Louisiana Momma said...

sign me up!! the quilt is lovely.. thanks again for your work on my STS winter block - it is awesome!!