Sunday, July 06, 2008


This package I received from my friend Jenny from the UK. We are both member of the Sewpals, a group of 13 quilters from all over the world. We met up several times so she knows how much I like Piglet! It sure made me laugh when I received this package. We had to send something for every letter in the word SUMMER so you can imagine what she did with the letter U.......LOL

When visiting the Dutch Open Air museum here in Arnhem last week we saw this 4 piggies sleeping all curled up together, aren't they cute?
(When you click GB in the right corner, you get the English text)
Here another picture from the in the museum.

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Gerry said...

Oh my goodness, the pigs are darling! I just love pigs. Did you know that their genetic make up is the closet to humans? They are very smart and despite what some people think....they are very clean animals.

Thanks for sharing :-)