Tuesday, October 07, 2008


For the SPOOKY BOO postcardswap from the Engelbees I made the first card. It is on it's way to the USA.

Postcard number 2 is going to Liz in Kansas, it was made for a Autumn postcardswap on Stitchinfingers.

Number 3 is a GIVE AWAY, write a comment on my blog and maybe this card will be sent to you! I will put all names in a hat and let my family pick a name at Sunday Oct. 12th.!


crazyQstitcher said...

Love the spooky cats and the seam treatments in particular.
Such lovely bright postcards.

Quilterin said...

Hi Wilma!

I love your halloween cards!
Please put my name in the hat.

Lots of spooky greetings from Austria

Karen South said...

I love your Halloween post cards. I keep saying I'm going to make one. Now that I've seen a couple in person, I hope to finally make one myself.

SH Sue said...

Wilma- Your postcards are darling, just spooktacular. The recipients are very lucky to receive them. sue

Maggie R said...

Oh Wilma.... LOVE your Halloween postcards...... Gotta do me some of those.... I have been needle felting my postcards for a change but must go dig up some spooky fabric right now!!!!!;-}
I belong to the postcard swap in Stitchin Fingers too... Great place eh??

Inger Marie said...

Wilma, you are very talented in doing these cards and the embellishment, wow! I have enjoyed the beautiful pictures from your US-trip. You must have had a fantastic trip.

Gerry said...

Hi Wilma, good to see you settled back in after your trip. I loved seeing the goodies you picked up. Lovely threads....

Anyway, you know that I would LOVE to have that postcard. Halloween is my favorite holiday ^0-0^

Truly, you've done a wonderful job with them. The fabric is to die for. LOL. Happy Trick or Treating!

gocrazywithme said...

hi Wilma,
I'd love to have one of your postcards! Throw my name in that hat!
Janet in Colorado

Liz said...

Hi Wilma,
definatly put my name in the drawing for the postcard. Spooky ghost want to fly to Germany...LOL

Candi said...

Wilma I love love love your postcards! Where did you find the spooky fabric:)

Susan said...

The cards are wonderful. I love all the stitch combinations you got into such tiny spaces!