Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Spring has definitely sprung!

Today we had to watch the sheep of our neighbours because they had an appointment elswhere. This morning twins were already born, just like some days ago and probably 16 sheep in the meadow in front of our home are expecting. Until now nothing has happened. Here a picture of the first born sheep.I have just been walking around with the dog and made some pictures in the neighbourhood, if you look very careful to the picture above you see our house peep through the blossom. Beyond you see a view to the right from our home and to the other side of the street.


Claudia said...

Hello Wilma
you live in paradise !
Happy Quilting !

Janny said...

De beelden kwamen me zo bekend voor, maar wij waren daar ooit in de buurt op vakantie....!
Prachtige omgeving, en zoals Claudia zei.....jullie wonen daar prachtig !