Friday, April 30, 2010

to find out how much you can miss the Internet! The last days we were out of Internet, TV and telephone until the Phone company found out the modem was not working as it should and changed it for a new one.........very annoying!!!!!
The good thing is that I read some books, heard lovely music and have started 2 new paintings!
Today I want to show you some ATC's I received and some lovely additions to my "Austrian" Crazy Quilt.These are the ATC's I received back in the Spring ATC swap on CQForNewbies, thank you Alice (2x), Beth, Genie(2x), Ira, Jocelyne, Lesa and Linda for your nice work.
As you might know, I love to visit collectors fairs. That's where I found these lovely additions last month. I just love the little spider brooch I have put on the spiderweb made of metallic Madeira yarn, ain't he cute? (As far as you can call a spider cute.....LOL)I was also very happy to find this vintage brooch made of beads and sequins, on top I have added a little organza bow.Also I found this vintage spider silkie, that came with boxes of cigars in the fifties. It's colors are perfect on this quilt. I have on and off been working on this CQ, made from Austrian fabrics I got from my birthday buddy Helen some years ago. She has the other half of the fabrics and has challenged me to make a quilt of them. I just fund out in an old blogpost that I started this CQ in september 2007 , think it is time to finish it soon!


Anonymous said...
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Amy said...

The vintage brooch is fantastic. I love how the basket is 3-d and done with wire. Oh it has my creative mind a working.