Sunday, October 10, 2010

Life is so busy with work, birthdays and other festivities, that it is almost impossible to find some time to do something creative!
These ATC's I made for a Halloween ATC swap on Art4mail and they are now on their way to Canada and the USA.
The fabric postcard I made for Marja's birthday, it is made of a lovely handprinted piece of fabric made by my friend Frauke from Germany, I embroidered it with multicoloured Sassa Lynn yarn and added some sequins.


quilthexle said...

Hi Wilma, when I saw this cute postcard, my first thought was - oh, THAT looks nice! My second thought was - I have seen this fabric before, haven't I? Only my third thought was - hey, I sent this fabric to Wilma, I have done it! I really really really love your postcard - you complemented the fabric with your design perfectly. I will link back to your blog - may I download your picture and post it on my blog? I would feel very honored ;-))

Anonymous said...

Yours are adorable, too. I love that birthday one - very celebratory!