Monday, May 16, 2011

An Adventure in Crazy Quilting - part two - At Friday evening I attended a lecture with Betty Pilsbury. She showed us the most beautiful antique Crazy Quilts, I so much loved to see them. Here you see some close ups.Isn't this fan beautiful?
When I still was only a "sane" quilter I loved to make quilts with an antique touch, but I had never seen a real antique Crazy Quilt before and never expected them being so colorful and lively! This is one of the beautiful Crazy Quilts Betty made herself. On Saturday I had my class with her. She learned us how to make these beautiful satin flowers and the SRE daisies and forget-me-nots and gave the most handsome hints and tips on sewing and stitching. I so much enjoyed this class!This is the example for the class, unluckely I have no good picture of the whole quilt, but believe me, it is awesome! More next time!

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Claudia said...

Hi Wilma,
I'm fascinated by old embroideries and I want to thank you for sharing all those wonderful pictures with us!