Friday, January 11, 2013

Je t'aime Paris Round Robin
This is the second block I received in this Round Robin. It is from Theresa in the USA. Kathy started with making the beautiful flower arrangement beyond the Eifel Tower and the flower cart and did the 2 pink seams with sequins. Being in Paris you always see people stretched out on the grass in front of the Eifel Tower, so I decided to embroider the lady after a pattern I found in the magazine "Il etait un fil" that I bought in France last year. After that I added the word Paris and the pink lace with lazy daisies and perles in the upper left corner. Than I added the black feather stitch in the lower left corner. Now it is up to Darlene and Cathy to finish the block!


Janny de Roo said...

Mooi weergegeven

Lady Locust said...

You do such very nice work.
It's beautiful - c'est manifique!

Pam Kellogg said...

Oh, this is lovely!!!! Pam

susiew said...

Wilma, Your choice of the lady motif is wonderful. The shapes fit in and make my eye flow so well. Your color choices are great. I would not have thought of using black for the skin tones, but it is just perfect. I had to write because the block just makes my heart sing.

Tina said...

Just lovely, totally captured Paris. I love your crazy quilting.

Claudia said...

Great work - love the flower spray around Eiffel Tower.