Saturday, February 09, 2013

It's a Saturday Sharing day again 

Today I am sharing my favorite colortheme with you......

I love blue and turquoise colors, just bought myself a little bit of spring....... 
I am collecting Depression glass and use them also for all kind of purposes. 
I don't like to put things in cabinets, just to look at them! The little vase is from around 1930. Everywhere in and around my house you will find items in these colors, even my curtains are turquoise! 
            This collection you can find in my garden....

These chickens in my kitchen were the last items I bought for my collection, aren't they beautiful?
I also like to use these colors in things I make, here you see my first quilt made around 1990:

And yes, I like a challenge and started with a Mariners Compass........LOL
Even our Harley Softtail from 1993 is turquoise!
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Robin Mac said...

I love blue and turquoise as well, your chickens are absolutely beautiful, also your depression glass. I had only seen green or amber depression glass before. Cheers

Janny de Roo said...

Ohhhhhh dat moet mijn schoondochter zien...die houdt ook zo van dat prachtige blauw....! Die kippen ben je dan zo kwijt hoor....hihi