Monday, March 04, 2013

A Crazy Quilt Journey......

is the name of my new Etsy shop. The last weeks I have been busy listing items. I am going to sell new and vintage supplies for sane and crazy quilters like laces, buttons, threads, fabric packages and handmade items.

Most items I found on brocante/antique markets and collector fairs, a lot of them in France. All items are from my private collection.You can find my shop over here:

More good news, my mother finally got an apartment in an institute for the blind after waiting for almost 1,5 year. It will be a great new home for her with a lot of activities and I am very happy for her.
My mother always was a very active woman, loved to quilt, read, travel, made beautiful postcards until she lost sight due to trombosis, which was very hard for her. Now we have to pack and clean, go shopping for curtains, carpet etcetera so I will not have much time to blog these weeks! Until later!

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