Monday, December 03, 2018

Crazy quilting - a trip down memory lane!

Back to crazy quilting and a trip down memory lane……

Now that my creative mojo is back after my year long burn out I decided to start a CQ bag, have never made one….

The part I always love most is searching for fabrics. This is for me what Crazy Quilting is all about. Not going to a quiltshop and buy all the fabrics you need at one time, but diving into your stash and search for cherished fabrics!

I started with the siggie of this beautiful lady. I bought it from Elizabeth during a CQI retreat in Kansas City, USA some years ago. 

Then I found a William Morris print with honeysuckle which matched great with the siggie. It's a little leftover from the quiltshop I owned in the nineties. 

The second part I added is the light green striped fabric, got this fabric swatch (for curtains) from my long gone SIL Marian.

The third part in dark blue and black is a piece of necktie fabric I bought some years ago at the "Flachsmarkt" in and around the castle in Krefeld, Germany.

And then I found the green checked fabric,think it also comes from a CQI retreat in KC.

The pink fabric is silk from an old kimono that Hideko from Japan shared during my first CQI retreat at Gerry's house in Denver, USA.

The next, a dark blue velvet comes from a jacquet I wore around 1985, yes, my Hippie time😊

On the right of my block you'll find a cream traditional fabric with little flowers from Austria, bought in
Innsbruck during the Quilt Expo IV in 1998.

The next blue fabric with a Paisley motif comes from an old bolt of necktie fabric I bought at the Marché aux Puces in Lille, France around 10 years ago.

The striped cream fabric is from a necktie I got from an old neighbour, the green and pink checked fabric I also brought from a CQI retreat, think it came from Cathy from Utah...

The cream silk with leaves I bought when I started my first CQ project and the last pink fabric with the little flowers is the only one I don't know where it came from…

This was my little trip around the world, it brought back lovely memories of people and places I have visited! 

What do you think, am I a bit strange to know from almost all the fabrics where they came from?

And did I make you curious to the end result, here it is: 

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