Monday, December 24, 2018

WIP Monday

Well, let's make it a Work-In-Progress Monday….

What have I done this week?

Working, taking care of mum, a lot of Christmas shopping, writing Christmas cards, baking Christmas cakes, setting up the tree, some stitching on my CQ bag and even did some art journaling…..

Boy, have I been busy😊

Have been searching for trims in my stash for my CQ bag.

Found some lovely vintage and antique ones in a bronze/gold color, think they look great with the used colors....

Also did some embroidery stitches, not much yet, but this is what it looks now:

Now I can also show you  a CQ fabric postcard made in november since it arrived on it's     destination.

I am in a PFA (Postcard Fabric Art) group on FB and the november theme was Japan. 

I made this card with sushi + chopsticks fabric and a piece of red fabric from an old kimono my friend Hideko from Japan gave me.

From Barbara in Australia I received this lovely Japanese card, love the binding she used!   

She also made me some folded cranes to bring me luck, ain't that sweet? 

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