Wednesday, January 03, 2007


The first stitch that Sharon has chosen for this challenge is the Herringbone stitch, or Flanelsteek as we say in Dutch.
Looking at the Crazy Quiltblocks I made until now I realised that on everyone of them I made this stitch. Here you see some examples:

I love the combination with the Chevron Stitch Sharon showed us, I am gonna try this one out this week.
I found in an old Dutch book another strange combination: the "doorstrengelde Flanelsteek", I am sorry but I have no idea how to translate that in English.
You have to make the Herringbone stitch, then turn it upside down and wave through another thread. Here is a picture of the stitch, I will try to do this one and show you a picture later this week!

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Ati. said...

Thanks Wilma for the picture, I will try that also this week, it looks nice.