Sunday, January 21, 2007

Week 3

Detached chain stitch, or Kettingsteek in Dutch, is the challenge of this week. I made the lavender yesterdayevening, the look and smell always reminds me of France, where I spent so many lovely holidays.... Also I got an idea on what to do to the blue plaid fabric, the colors in the picture are not that good, but it are 4 lazy daisies with a purple bead in the middle. The last picture with the orange embroidery I did already some weeks ago. You can click on the pictures to enlarge them.

I told you about the bad weather we had this week. Here in Holland 7 people died, mostly because they got hit by falling trees when driving home.
I have a garden without a fence now, I am living on a corner so everyone can look straight into my livingroom now, not a comfortable situation! In my neighbourhood a lot of trees have fallen down and a lot of roofs are (partly) without tiles.


Virginia said...

Wilma, I love the lavender. Just gorgeous.

Charlene said...

I, too, love the lavendar - it reminds me of a wheat sheaf. Lovely stitching!

Ati. said...

Beautiful stitches Wilma, special the orange ;-) I love the lavender too!

emiko said...

Wilma, I love your lavender! What an excellent idea for chain stitch.

Lorenza said...

Wilma, the lavander bouquet is beautiful, I like it and I like the lavander flower it reminds me lovely holidays too.

Gail said...

Your work is so pretty. The flowers on the plaid is so cute. Lavender is also one of my favorite plants, the smell is so wonderful and I like the way you created it. Orange on blue is wonderful, they bring out the best in each other, lovely work.

Susan said...

I hope you have curtains or blinds for the night hours.

These seams are all beautiful. Thanks for the idea of what to do with some of the sequins I have. That looks really pretty. I just love the middle one, the lavender, and I think that the solution to the plaid is just perfect.