Saturday, January 25, 2014

Under The Sea

At the start of 2014 I challenged myself to be creative every day, ain't that a good decision......? 
Due to my burnout last year I haven't done much stichting, drawing or painting in 2013 but I decided this has to change now, if only for a few minutes a day! 
Today I made a 12 inch block for the Under The Sea (UTS) Round Robin on CQI.
I decided to be coördinator for this swap and 4 ladies from around the world have joined me. 
Every month I have to embellish 1/4 of one of these ladies UTS blocks. 
It is great to see that we have 3 groups starting on CQI with this Under The Sea theme!


Carol- Beads and Birds said...

You're of to a good start. Good theme too.

Suztats said...

Great start to your block!