Wednesday, September 19, 2007


I am really happy now that my DYB blocks are home again. The ladies that worked on them did a marvellous job! Thank you so much Susie, Cobi, Ati, Nina and Helina.

Block 1 is embellished by Cobi from the Netherlands. She found the Joan of Arc theme very difficult. After a lot of thinking she made a cross from lace with gold beads because Joan was so religious. The dove in the upper left corner is symbol for the Holy Ghost. Also Cobi embroidered the initial J. Between the silk roses she made leaves from woven picots, just beautiful!

The second block is embellished by Ati from Norway, she read a lot about Joan on the Internet and decided to add a "Fleur de Lis" and the word Liberté (Freedom). She also made a swirl with silk flowers in beautiful soft tones. I really love the combination of colors that gives such a soft look to this block!

The third block I have to embellish myself, I hope to get started with that soon.
The fourth block was embellished by Helina from Finland. She shares my admiration for Joan, she has visited the church of Rouen near the place where Jeanne d'Arc died, haven't seen that yet, this place is still on my wishlist. On my travels through France I have visited a lot of places that have a connection with Joan. I have been in the house in Domremy where Joan was born, in the basilic that was build to honour her that has the most beautiful wallpaintings of her life, in Chinon where she met King Charles VII, I could go on and on...I could show you so much pictures and tell you so much about her life but think I will be very boring doing that, since this blog is mostly about Crazy Quilting! Back to Helina's block:
She made the name "Jehanne" in Joan's handwriting and the crown of her banner in beautiful yellowish and brown handdyed silk threads. Also she tatted the lace in the right corner herself (which I could learn that!)and made a lovely buttontrail. Once again another beautiful block, it is a pity that the pictures don't do them justice!

With my fascination for Joan I think you all can imagine that this CQ will become a heirloom to me! Within the next days I will show you the other blocks.


Jo in NZ said...

Wilma, your blocks are just gorgeous, and I the ladies did a great job with your theme. I thought Cobis jugendstil was a hard one! LOL

I think if you are passionate about Joan of Arc then you should talk about's your blog. I would read it, just in case we are ever in a RR together!

Look forward to seeing the other blocks.

Gerry said...

Welcome back, Wilma. The blocks are just beautiful.

katrien said...

Wat een mooie blokken heb je terug gekregen.Moeilijk thema denk ik toch.Succes ermee

Charlene said...

I know you are thrilled to get back your Joan of Arc blocks -- especially since they are so lovely! It's good to see 'see' you again. The broaches are beautiful, too. A great find!

Hideko Ishida 石田英子 said...

Wilma, all blocks are beautiful. I am really impressed by the ladies work. I am looking foward to seeing your completed work.