Tuesday, October 31, 2006

This is what I am working on at this moment, a CQ case for my mothers glasses, she loves purple. Also I am trying to finish some UFO's and started with some little Christmas presents.
Because the weather was very nice the last weeks, I have been walking a lot (of course together with doggie Daisy) to get some condition back after my pneumonia. The temperatures were high for the time of year, this autumn is the hottest in 30 years here in Holland, but from today the weather has changed, strong winds and rain and around 10o C., normally for this time of year.

Happy Halloween!!!!

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

This is the second block from the Teatime swap,
I received it from Maureen in Australia. Isn't it lovely, have to find a nice project to use it in!

Have been very busy this week with organising my sewing room, have finished the top of a little quilt with scarecrows and am working on some little CQ presents for my mothers birthday. She will be 77 in 3 weeks.
Also a picture of my doggie Daisy, she was so fast asleep that she didn't even notice me taking pictures!

Friday, October 20, 2006

This week I finished a heart for Jo in New Zealand, once again with "Dutch" fabrics,
so this is Staphorst nr. 11.

I also made an Amish heart to sent out to a lovely initiative to make quilts for the families of the 5 Amish children that died in a shooting 2 weeks ago at a school near Lancaster, Pennsylvania.

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

The last weeks I received some lovely hearts:
the outlined flowers heart from Carol in Canada, the brown/gold heart from Jo in New Zealand and the heart with the crocheted poppy
from Carol in the USA, thank you so much ladies, they look wonderful!

I just remembered that I forgot to put a picture on my blog from my finished Paisley Bauble Bag, here it is:

Monday, October 16, 2006

Luckely I am feeling much better by now and can start blogging again.
I have sent out my CQ blocks for the teatime swap, they are on their way to Gayle in the USA and Alys in England. I received a
teatime block from Vanessa in the USA. We did also swap recipes,
here is her recipe for zucchini bread:

3 lg. eggs, beaten
2 c. sifted selfrising flour
2 c. gratted zucchini, not peeled
2 t. cinnamon, 3 t. vanilla
Combine eggs, oil, sugar, cinnamon and vanilla in bowl.
Alternate zucchini and flour with mixer, add walnuts last.
Makes 2 reg. loaves.
350 o, 30 min. or so.
Have fun baking!

Now I have only the last teatime block left....

I also finished the last block from the CQ swap that started in february (which was my introduction to Crazy Quilting), it is for Kaija Liisa in Finland. She asked for blocks in mostly purple and green with Psalm 23 theme. I embroidered "the Lord is my Shepherd" in Dutch on it.

Monday, October 09, 2006

I have been tagged!

Gerry has tagged me to tell 5 weird things about myself or my pets because""I have such whimsy in my CQ and embellishing!". Don't know if that is good or bad, my dictionary translates whimsy as a bit strange......LOL
Well,you can tell me if I am a bit strange after reading these 5 weird things about myself:

1. I collect Piglets, Winnie the Pooh's little friend, I find him so moving.
2. I love to wear hot pink, I even have matching purse and shoes.
3. I am fascinated by speed, I just love to watch motorracing (especially Valentino Rossi), A1 GP and Formula 1 and am not happy when people disturb me when looking at it.
4. I asked my DH what he found weird about me, he said that I refused to cut my hair, because he likes short hair.......LOL, yes, I am a bit stubborn!
5. My dog Daisy knows when it is 5 p.m., when the clock strikes 5 times she awakes, comes sitting next to me and wants dinner at this time. When I don't react, she starts barking!
Well, I could go on and on..........
I just had a look at all the blogs in my "Favourites" and they have all been tagged already, so I end up being "whimsy"...LOL and not tag anyone!