Monday, September 29, 2008


First I'll show you what I bought at JoAnns. I am very happy with the Crazy Quilt book
and all the fabrics for a new CQ project of which I'll tell you later. Now about the rest of our trip. From Monument Valley, Kayenta we went to Bryce Canyon. The first picture is from the Overlook across the Valley of the Gods, you can see how high we were on the mountain. The second picture is from one of the bridges in the Natural Bridges National Monument. Picture 3 is from Powells Colorado river near Hite, the rest of the pictures are all made in Bryce Canyon.
From here we went to Zion National Parc and then back to Las Vegas. Sorry but Blogger is acting up again, can't change the size of the letters......

Sunday, September 21, 2008


From Las Vegas we visited the Hoover Dam (picture 1), Kingman (picture 2, quilt in Mohave museum)and then we went
on Route 66 to Williams/Flagstaff. From there we stayed in Page, flew by helicopter through the Grand Canyon and also drove by car through the Grand Canyon National Park (picture 3,4,5). Then we had breakfast at Lake Powell (picture 6), drove to Kayenta and Monument Valley, here we have spent a lot of time, the landscape is just as beautiful as in the Star Wars movies. We have spent several days in Navajo Nation, talked a lot with Navajo's and enjoyed every minute of it, sure will come back here once.
During our trip we al
so saw a lot of wildlife like eagles, a condor, wild mustang, a coyote, bisons, deer and a lot of those cute chipmunks, luckely no rattle snakes!!!

Monument Valley The Mittens

and DH and I in fr
ont of the three sisters

Friday, September 19, 2008


Life is turning back to normal after a wonderful holiday in the USA. The trip we made was full of highlights. We started and ended in Las Vegas and inbetween we made a tour to the Grand Canyon, Monument Valley, Bryce Canyon and Zion National Park. The nature we saw on this trip was overwhelming, especially coming from a flat, green Holland. Already landing on Las Vegas airport almost at the foot of the Strip is sensational. Then stepping outside into temperatures of 106 o F (about 42 o C), it was like someone was blowing with a hairdryer in our faces.........LOL Must say I love this heath with almost no humidity, didn't have any trouble with my asthma!
In the next week I will show you more pictures of our trip, I will sta
rt with some of Las Vegas, where we have spent the first 2 and last 2 days and yes, we have been to the casino, but only a loss of $ 10..........