Thursday, June 21, 2007

On Saturday I am flying to Glasgow for a walking vacation together with quilting friends from England, Denmark, Italy, Holland and Canada for a week. You can imagine that I am really looking forward to that! We will stay all together in a lodge in Fort William, close to the Ben Nevis. More information of this region you can find on:
When there we will play a Chinese dice game and everyone had to make a little quilt for that as rememberance of the trip. My friend Imi found these "handsome Scottish men" on the Internet and I decided to make a little redwork from it, it is A4 paper size.
See you again in one week!

Monday, June 18, 2007

DYB round robin, block 3

Here is a picture of the block I embellished for Ati in Norway, her theme is Chinese Tea. I decided to embroider a Chinese Tea jar, hope she'll like it. The colors are a bit strange on the picture, I tried to use all the colors that are already in the block, like red, yellow, blue and gold to get the right harmony.

Sunday, June 17, 2007


by Ati and Lorenza to tell 7 things you don't already know about me! Do I have to tell 14 things now? Think I'll stick to 7, here we go!

1. I love HUGE cars, my favorite is a Cadillac Escalade, color Gold Mist, but it is way to big for the Dutch the way, I drive a Landrover Freelander.

2. Maybe you want to know my shoesize........LOL
It is 42 with pain, so I am not only tall (1.80m), but live on big feet also.

. I like to watch motorsports, especially MotoGP, my favorite is Valentino Rossi, please don't disturb me when looking and of course also not during Grey's Anatomy!

4. I am married for 27 years tomorr

5. I believe that when one door closes another one opens for you.

6. I was born 6 weeks early.

7. I dislike wintertime.

So, do you know me better now?

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