Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Work In Progress Wednesday-a day early.....

The first block for the CQJP 2014 is finished at last!
Must say that I finally like working with these colors, now the block is finished it looks really vivid!
 I am now working on a corner block, it is a fan block and  almost finished so I hope to show that next week! 
Everyday this week I have been trying to work some time on my shabby chic fabric book, I have finished the cover, here a picture of the front:

and the backside......

Last year I bought a whole box full of vintage and antique laces in France and I can make good use of them for this fabric book. It is much fun to search for and make combinations of fabrics, lace, trims, doilies and motifs, there are so many possibilities. 
The "fleur de lis" I found
in my friend Cathy's Etsy shop.

Now I can start working on the inside pages........

Wednesday, February 05, 2014

Work In Progress Wednesday

         Today I have 2 projects to show you.
Here an update on the january block for the CQJP2014.

As you can see it is not finished yet.
The green leaves take a lot of time to embroider and my sight is not good enough for stitching them in the evening, so I can only work 
on them by day and my hours are very limited then.
Also I am always working on more blocks at one time, so I still hope to get 2 blocks finished this month!
This is another project I am working on.
I love shabby chic fabric journals and for a long time I already want to start with the making of one of them. 
I have collected antique and vintage laces and doilies for it, but constantly hesitated.
Last Saturday I decided to just give it a try.
This is the start of the cover of the book........
More WIP'S you can find on Sharon Boggons website!