Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Work In Progress Wednesday


This week I finished the beading of the flower lace on my "Lady with roses" Crazy Quilt block and finished a seam treatment.

Also I finished the first Crazy Quilted postcard of this year.
It is made of silk, damask and cottons, vintage laces and embroidered with silk and cotton threads.
I love these old fashioned style and color......

Saturday, October 26, 2013

I love to make a Zentangle now and then, this is the last one I made some months ago....

Friday, October 25, 2013


Earlier I told you about the ATC swap on Fibre Fever, in September the theme of the ATC's was "owls".

This is the colorful crocheted ATC I received from Margreet.

This is the owl ATC I embroidered for Annet last month.

In october the theme is the Dutch artist Escher. 
This is the ATC I made for Helina in Finland.
I embroidered the fishes and birds in stem stitch and then colored them with a dark grey pencil.

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Work In Progress.....

I promised to keep you updated about my work on this Crazy Quilt block. 
I have bought a beautiful piece of handdyed lace from Nicki Lee in her Etsy shop called Raviolee Dreams.

It looks like it is made for my block. The colors fit perfectly......
I have sewn down the lace on the block and I am now busy with the beading of some of the flowers.......

Saturday, October 05, 2013

Started a new Crazy Quilt block!
The needlebook and pincushion that I made last month for the White Elephant swap are in my favorite colors, I especially love turquoise and hot pink.
That is why I decided to make a CQ block in these colors for myself also. I am feeling better and am getting back my energy and concentration bit by bit luckely. It will take some more time to come over this burnout but I am happy that I feel like stitching again. I am now busy embroidering the seams of this block. I am working with some of the beautiful threads I bought from my friend Lorraine from Canada. The piece of the doily in the upper right corner is also dyed by her.

She dyes the threads herself in wonderful variegated colors
and sells them on Etsy. Click here and you'll go to her shop called LES Designs.

Here some examples of the beautiful threads, they are in made of perle cotton and twisted silk. I'll keep you updated of the progress of my block!
The weather here in Holland is better then normally at this time of year, not that much rain and temperatures around
18 o C. This is a picture of yesterdays evening glow at the back of my garden.
 Hope the weather will stay like this for a while so I can keep going for a ride on my E bike every day.....