Sunday, September 28, 2014

Trip to NYC and Kansas City

Early September I made a trip to the Crazy Quilt Retreat of CQI in Kansas City, USA. Before flying to KC I stayed with my friend Beth at Long Island and together we went by train to New York City for some days.
We started with visiting the City Quilter at 133 West 25th Street. Here I bought some lovely NYC fabrics and we saw the exhibition of Velda Newman's beautiful art quilts at the artquilt gallery (
                                The huge quilt she made of zinnia's is simply stunning...
               Of course we visited several shops to buy stuff for our Crazy Quilting, 
                                          here some  addresses I liked very much:

Dakota Trim at 251 W. 39th. Street. They have rows and rows of beautiful trims, laces, buttons etc.

For beads we visited the next stores:
Toho Shoji (New York) Inc., 990 Sixth Avenue, they have lots and lots of beautiful beads, charms and I love their little flowers for on my quilts (
At Beads World, 1384 Broadway (between 37&38th St.) you will find lots of beads and lovely cupped flower shaped sequins (
At the Bead Center 989 Sixth Avenue, you will also find lots and lots of beads and sequins.
In the Garment District around 39th Street you will find lots of fabric stores, look out for the big button and needle, then you are close!
Unluckely for fabrics we only had time to visit Fabrics Express, 239 West 39th Street, but they have lots and lots of beautiful fabrics and of course we supported the American economy over there!

                                             Next time I'll tell you more about my trip!