Friday, February 05, 2016

Extended seams

As you might know, I am one of the moderators of CQI (Crazy Quilting International) and our first quarterly challenge this year is the "Extended Seam" challenge.

This is a great challenge for beginning but also for experienced Crazy Quilters.

Just to explain what an extended seam exactly is, here some pictures of stitches I did through the years.....

An extended seam is simply said, a seam with other stitches added to it. 

I will start with some simple examples,  here a feather stitch with lazy daisies:

Here you see a chevron stitch in combination with the herringbone stitch and lazy daisies:

Here I started with a chain stitch, added lazy daisies, flower sequins and MOP buttons.

This seam in one color I started with the cretan stitch, after that I embroidered the herringbone stitch and added beads afterwards.

Here some more examples:
We at CQI are very happy to have two great judges for this extended seam challenge.
Jo Newsham from New Zealand is a former moderator of CQI and called "the queen of the extended seams", Gerry Krueger has posted pictures on her blog of Jo's wonderful stitching.
You can find them over here:
Think you will all know our other Judge Kathy Shaw, who gives wonderful courses on Crazy Quilting and also organises the CQJP 2016.
Have a look at her website for more information:
If you are a beginning or experienced Crazy Quilter, we hope you will take the challenge and send in your most beautiful extended seam treatment!