Wednesday, January 30, 2013

WIP Wednesday
Today I want to show you a Work In Progress (see Sharon's website). It is not a crazy quilt but a scrapquilt I am working on now and then already for about 10 years......

This quilt is stitched by hand and made of mostly reproduction fabrics, I love the colors of it. I keep on adding and adding, don't know when it ever will be finished!

Sunday, January 27, 2013

It's A Saturday Sharing Day on Sunday.......LOL
Just as I decided to join Thearica's It's A Saturday Sharing Day my Internet refused to work! So now I will show you what I wanted to share yesterday. I have been working on a Crazy Quilt block that has to become the front of a bag.
A bit of a challenge, making the crazy quilted front isn't a problem but I never made a bag before! I always see beautiful examples of CQ bags on the Internet, so I wanted to give it a try also. I only wonder when I can use it in a climate with a lot of rain like here in Holland....Here a picture of the front:
I only still have to add a spider in the spider web, but can't find the right beads for it at this moment....
Now I have to decide what fabric to use for the bag, I have an old dark brown velvet jacket or an old jeans to cut up for  it, maybe I can use both?????
Also have to find a pattern for a suitable bag!

Sunday, January 20, 2013

                  Je t'aime Paris Round Robin
Today I want to show you pictures of Cathy's beautiful block that I have been working on. The block has a lot of round curves and looked already beautiful without it's decoration. Theresa and Kathy did some awesome stitching before me. I love the way they used all these little flower beads on it, it's a pity such things are not available in the shops over here.....
When seeing this block I immediately knew that I -once again- had to stitch an Eifel Tower. The spot on the lower left corner was just perfect for it! After that I added the sheaf stitches in dark purple with little white pearls to balance the dark purple in the block. Than I made the cream cretan stitch and extended it with lilac lazy daisies. At last I added the spray of spiderweb roses in lilac River Silk above the Eifel Tower, made some leaves of fly stitches and silk ribbon and the little seam treatment with the double buttonholestitch in creme above them. Think Cathy will love this block!

Friday, January 11, 2013

Je t'aime Paris Round Robin
This is the second block I received in this Round Robin. It is from Theresa in the USA. Kathy started with making the beautiful flower arrangement beyond the Eifel Tower and the flower cart and did the 2 pink seams with sequins. Being in Paris you always see people stretched out on the grass in front of the Eifel Tower, so I decided to embroider the lady after a pattern I found in the magazine "Il etait un fil" that I bought in France last year. After that I added the word Paris and the pink lace with lazy daisies and perles in the upper left corner. Than I added the black feather stitch in the lower left corner. Now it is up to Darlene and Cathy to finish the block!

Monday, January 07, 2013

A change of style.............
For this new year I decided to change my blog into a new style, decided for other colors and font for my header. Now I am writing this post and have no idea how to change from "trebuchet" in "coming soon" since I can only choose for 7 styles of fonts when composing this post... Could someone help me with this?
I always love to look at the "buttonfloozies" blog which is devoted to buttons and the women who love them.
When I started Crazy Quilting I also started buying buttons to make button trails, you can read more about them on Block talk with Gerry. Now I have collected lots of vintage and antique buttons.............Now and then I will show you pictures of them! Here the first one, a little collection of Czech glass buttons!

Tuesday, January 01, 2013

Happy New Year to all my readers! 
May special moments become wonderful memories....
Let's especially forget bad moments that happened in 2012 and look forward to a new year full of opportunities!
A good thing was that I managed to finish all my pages for the CQJP2012! Here a collage of all blocks, my challenge was to work with novelty fabrics and letters and I think I managed that.........
I decided to join the CQJP2013, but still have to think about what project I will do this year, one thing I know, NO more novelty fabrics.........LOL