Wednesday, February 20, 2008

GREAT NEWS!!! -long-

Wednesday for 2 weeks we got a call from a housing association that they had a house to rent in Oosterbeek, a little town about half an hour drive from Arnhem where we live now. We could take a look over there with 4 other couples. We were on place 4 in row that made a chance..... We had a look at the house and fell in love with it immediately. It is very small but so very cosy! The frontview was on a meadow with sheep and at the back a garden three times bigger as
we have now.... You can imagine how big our disappointment was when nr. 1 and 3 in row wanted the house also and how pleased we were when we got a call last Friday that they had refused it after all and if we were still interested....YES YES YES OF COURSE!!!!

On Friday afternoon we'll get the key and we can start cleaning and painting. This week I have free from work and we have been ordering a new kitchen, curtains, wallpaper etc. and that will all arrive within 4 weeks, so we hope we can move in early April. You can imagine that my mind was not with blogging this last weeks, but I'll make it up with some pictures right now.......LOL

This morning I picked up my little embroideries which are framed now. I think they will look lovely in my new kitchen!
Lesa, the embroideries are stitched with one thread of DMC, but I don't now the count of the fabric, it is done on Aïda.

Also I received a wonderful needlebook from my friend Beth from Long Island, NY. Here you see a picture of the front and a close-up (sorry for the bad picture) of the inside. Thank you so much Beth! It is a pity that I can't use it right now but I sure will in some months, when all my CQ stuff will be unpacked again!

And Ati, the little Easterquilt is sent out to you last week with a little extra I am sure you will like.......LOL
I only forgot to put a Priority sticker on it (sorry my head is a mess, I don't get much sleep, I am constantly decorating at
night....), but I hope it will arrive soon!

When packing I also found the first quilt I ever made, it is this Mariner's Compass in turquoise colors. I haven't labeled it, so I
don't know the exact year but I think I made it around 1990??? It is handsewn and handquilted.

And I found another give-away.... Don't know if anyone is interested in this Debby Mumm vest (sorry don't know the name in English), but you sure will have plenty of time to finish this before Christmas .......LOL

Please leave your name at the comments and I'll draw a name next week!

Thursday, February 07, 2008

AND THE WINNER IS.................................................

so I think the real winner is Ati, because Lita wanted her to have the little quilt,
congratulations Ati, the little quilt will be sent out to you!

Also I found the pictur of the French landscape I am making a quilt of and the pictures of the traditional costumes from Spakenburg I promised you!

The dark purple costume the ladies are wearing when they are in deep mourning. The light costume is the " normal" costume.The top of the costume is mostly made of sits fabric and stiffened with starch, it is called a kraplap.

Saturday, February 02, 2008


Today I received this lovely baggie from Rengin in Istanbul,Turkey.
It is in my favorite color turquoise. We are both in an Internetgroup called Crazy Quilters
Around the World and she is my swappartner for this year, we swap CQ baggies each 3 months. Have you seen the beautiful flat oya flowers she made?

The other picture is of a quilt in very slow progress. It is gonna be a landscape in Brittany, France and made after a picture from the book "The world above and beyond". Looking forward finshing this one in the future.