Thursday, May 22, 2008

My first try on ATC's.....

I thought it was best to start with some little Crazy Quilting after so many months without stitching, here you can see the result.
This morning I was at the market here in Oosterbeek and there was a lady who sold lovely sewing yarns, which I used around these ATC's, the yarn goes from honking green to turquoise to blue to purple, hard to see on the picture. The fabric with the flowers is traditional fabric from Staphorst.
I found out that I better cannot use sequins on the ATC's, they got all flat after ironing.....LOL
I have put fast2fuse inbetween the top and back. Found it difficult when to stop decorating, maybe they are now to busy, what do you think?
P.S. Sorry for the big letters, I tried to get them smaller but Blogger won't let me change it........

Friday, May 16, 2008

Before and after..........

As promised some before and after pictures of our new built French sandstone fireplace,
yesterday we could burn it for the first time which was really cosy and
Doggie Daisy was enjoying it very much also, she slept in front of the fireplace all evening!

Thursday, May 08, 2008


So, the moving is done and we are a bit back to normal again! We are really enjoying our new home and there are still a few boxes to unpack left. This weekend I hope to unpack more of my sewing stuff, so I can get back to Crazy Quilting soon again. This last week we have been working in the garden a lot, the weather here in Holland is fantastic, temperatures around 24 o Celsius for already a week and it seems to stay for some more days! I have planted strawberries, cherry tomatoes, several sorts of berries and the apple and plum tree are in full bloom!

We are walking a lot, at least an hour every day if possible (have to work also.......LOL). I'll show you some pictures made on our walks,
the views are all close to our home! We take a look at the little lambs every day, it is across the meadow in front of our house, there are now 12 little ones.
We live very close to the river Rhine, now on the North side, before we lived on the South side!
When we cross the street to the left, we can walk on the "Hemelse Berg", (the Heavenly Mountain) and have views like this, it reminds me a lot of the Black Forest!
We have already seen 2 deer, foxes
birds of prey and a lot of squirrels, you can imagine that I found that very excitingcoming from the middle of a big town! Next time I'll show you some pictures of the inside of our house!