Sunday, March 31, 2013

to all of you!

                Today pictures of other birthdaycards I received.
               This one is made by Janny from Holland, a colorful partly felted postcard.

Beautiful felted flowers made by
Marja from Holland.

Lovely experimental grey-silver card made by Birgit from Germany.

And a yummy paper/pieced cupcake made by Annet from Holland.

Thanks for all these lovely cards ladies!

Saturday, March 30, 2013

It's a Saturday Sharing Day....
Yesterday was my birthday and I received beautiful creative postcards from the members of the Fibre Fever group I am in. Unluckely I can't show you all because the batteries of my camera have died again.........Next time more! 

Ati from Norway made this beautiful purple felted card.

From Margreet from Holland I got this wonderful knitted postcard in my favorite color turquoise. 

Ritva from Finland made this lovely Crazy Quilted postcard.

Evi from Germany made this colorful
free motion quilted purple and blue postcard.

Thank you so much for these beautiful cards ladies!

By the way, my DH surprised me with tickets for "the Wall" by Roger Waters in July, am really happy with that!
Also I got some Janet Evanovich books and pots with pansies, narcissus etc. from friends. They have to stay inside for a while since it is still cold here in Holland with nightfrost and some snow again this afternoon. This march was the coldest in 25 years and Easter will be the coldest in 50 years. I am really looking forward to Spring!

Also I'd like to share this colorful visitor this week in our garden!
Think I am gonna make a painting of him! 


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Saturday, March 23, 2013

It's a Saturday Sharing Day

To sell or not to sell, that's the question.....
Today I am sharing a picture of several vintage French tule laces, small and about 4" wide, I bought this week. The wide ones would be great to cover fabrics and bead in crazy quilts or for making fabric journals. I especially love the soft yellow one. Also I found some French monogram laundry labels and a lovely button cart, all to sell in my Etsy shop
I just love the button cart, it is from August 1952 and has 32 different glass buttons, isn't it a shame to sell them?
I could use them on my Crazy Quilts, but the glass buttons would also look great as fruit or candybowl in my dollshouse......
Here in Holland it is weather to stay inside, it is the coldest March in 25 years, so I hope to get some listings done tomorrow. Average temperature this month is 3 o C! 
I am very much looking forward to Spring!
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Sunday, March 17, 2013

Back to blogging

The last weeks have been very busy with the move of my mother. She is now settled in her new appartment and very happy and we are exhausted........LOL  What a lot can you collect in 83 years!

Yesterday evening and a part of today I have been busy working on Darlene's block in the Je t'aime Paris RR. This is how it looked when I started, it isn't finished yet, hopefully I'll manage that in the coming week. I will show some pictures when it is finished!

Last time I told you about my new Etsy shop "a Crazy Quilt Journey", I will try to list some more items in the coming week. 
I already sold 18 items and am very happy with that! 
I forgot to tell you why the shop is called like that. I hope I can make a trip to the USA again to a Crazy Quilt Retreat in Colorado and try to earn some extra money, so I came up with this name!

Monday, March 04, 2013

A Crazy Quilt Journey......

is the name of my new Etsy shop. The last weeks I have been busy listing items. I am going to sell new and vintage supplies for sane and crazy quilters like laces, buttons, threads, fabric packages and handmade items.

Most items I found on brocante/antique markets and collector fairs, a lot of them in France. All items are from my private collection.You can find my shop over here:

More good news, my mother finally got an apartment in an institute for the blind after waiting for almost 1,5 year. It will be a great new home for her with a lot of activities and I am very happy for her.
My mother always was a very active woman, loved to quilt, read, travel, made beautiful postcards until she lost sight due to trombosis, which was very hard for her. Now we have to pack and clean, go shopping for curtains, carpet etcetera so I will not have much time to blog these weeks! Until later!